Indian Cinema: The Beauty Of Songs

‘Balam Pichkari’ From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Indian Cinema is known for it’s songs and dance numbers, the songs however convey way more than what meets the eye to the viewer. Here’s an analysis to explore what the songs in Indian Cinema are able to achieve.

The Thoughts Of Characters

‘Kal Ho Naa ho’ From Kal Ho Naa Ho

Songs are an excellent way to keep the audience engaged and entertained while conveying the emotions and thoughts of the characters. Lyrics and Music need to work seamlessly to achieve this effect. Songs like ‘Sau Dard’ (from Jaan-E-Mann) and ‘Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage ‘ (from Kabir Singh) have captured the thoughts of the characters beautifully in their respective movies.

Driving The Story Ahead

‘Kun Faya Kun’ From Rockstar

Songs can be essential to the plot of the movie, in that they can show the things the characters are going through. ‘Kun Faya Kun’ (from Rockstar) shows how Jordan who felt lost all this time is finally able to find himself through his love for music. ‘Noor-E-Khuda’ (from My Name Is Khan) shows the journey of Rizvan as he travels across America to meet the president. These movies show how songs can drive the plot forward.

Set The Tone

‘Tera Sajda’ From My Name Is Khan

Songs can easily set the tone of the forthcoming or the current scene. This is used commonly in many movies to depict happiness or sadness. ‘Tere Sajda’ (from My Name Is Khan) sets the tone for the wedding happening in the scene and Qasam Kha Li (from Bhavesh Joshi) sets the tone for the forthcoming revenge/redemption arc of the main protagonist.

Transport The Audience

‘Veeron Ke Veer Aa’ From Baahubali 2

Songs are able to transport the audience into the world of the characters. The major part in this is played by the Visuals and the Background Score. Movies which contain mystical and royal elements rely on drums, trumpets, flutes etc. ‘Veeron Ke Veer Aa’ (from Baahubali 2) transports the audience into the magical world of the characters and makes the audience feel like an integral part of it.

Final Verdict

Kabir Singh

Songs are essential to Indian Cinema and have became an integral part of it. Songs have great potential in them but in the end it depends on the makers of the movie to use songs gracefully otherwise they come off as abrupt and unnecessary.

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