Swades – A classic ahead of it’s time

Swades is a beautiful movie which was released way ahead of its time. It depicts the social norms and problems that people deal with in Rural India. The protagonist Mohan (an Indian who lives in America) is oblivious and naive about the condition of the people and starts to learn more about his village.

The Songs

The music by A.R Rahman is simplistic yet charming in its own way, the lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar are heart touching. The songs in this movie are catchy and melodious with songs like ‘Yeh Tara Woh Tara’ which gives the message of unity among people and ‘Yu Hi Chala Chal ‘ which shows the journey of Mohan as he searches for his village.

The Cast and Characters

This movie is filled with great casting choices. No one could have done more justice to the role of Mohan as Shah Rukh Khan. He completely immerses himself into this movie and becomes Mohan. The supporting characters such as Kaveri Amma (played by Kishori Ballal) is fantastic as the kind and ever loving nanny. Gita (played by Gayatri Joshi) is determinant and fierce and plays the role of a strong woman. The rest of the outcasted villagers will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

Story, Direction and Length

The story is excellent, Mohan and the audience through this movie go through a lot of emotions and thought. The way Mohan slowly starts developing a connection with these unknown villagers is portrayed beautifully. One scene especially involving Mohan and kid selling water will make your eyes watery. Ashutosh Gowariker is an ok director and I believe this is his finest work till date. The flaws with this movie is a clear one and it is it’s extremely long runtime of 3h 30m. You heard it right the movie is extremely long and could have been better by deleting a few unnecessary scenes.

Final Verdict

Swades is a must watch for anyone interested in exploring bollywood. The amazing performances, thought provoking story and gut wrenching scenes make this a watch worth your money and time.

Published by Shaun J

I'm a film enthusiast and I love to review movies and analyse them.

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